Building an open venture investing platform

Using crypto-economic incentives to collaboratively
source, diligence and approve venture capital investments.

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We're working to democratize startup funding, while ensuring a high bar is met for projects who are funded.

In the process we try to facilitate human connections and align the long term interests of those who are passionate about the business and have more time than money with promising businesses they can help.

We operate a platform that dynamically assembles:


People who have built trusting relationships with Founders and accordingly have access to deals.


People who have the time and expertise to evaluate and support projects.


Capital to help startups grow and better service their users.

In the process we align the interests of these people with the startups they back to accelerate the growth of these businesses.

Where Our Community
Serves Founders

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  Deals Invested


For Founders

  • How long does the process take? It typically takes a month for a decision to be made, but it can take longer depending on a variety of factors.
  • Who is in the Coven network? The network is composed of select members of the ConsenSys Mesh (mostly current / former employees).
  • How confidential is our information? Your information is only seen by select participants in the Coven network. It is not shared beyond that small group, and we are happy to work with you on specifics. You will meet your Coven team once it is formed.
  • Who is making the actual investment? For now, the investment is made by ConsenSys.
  • Why Coven as a partner? In short, you gain access to world class experts aligned to your success. Your Coven team is in it for the long haul with you!

For Participants

  • When do you plan to open this beyond the ConsenSys Mesh? We're hoping to open up the community in the coming year.

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